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Foot Rests – Kensington

Foot Rests

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SKU: K56144USF

SmartFit® System – Measure, Adjust, Fit. Workspace that works for you. Memory foam pad cradles tired feet to provides maximum comfort Eliminates foot pressure points and strain when set to your SmartFit® personal comfort color Adjust height and angle to...


SKU: K52789WW

Leveraging 20 years of ergonomic expertise, Kensington’s patented SmartFit System gives you the power to customize your foot rest for enhanced comfort. The Solemate Plus Foot Rest has an anti-skid surface and supports your legs at the optimum angle to...


SKU: K58303WW

Promotes movement and stretching to help improve circulation and relieve pressure for all-day comfort. Contributes to non-exercise activity thermogenesis (NEAT) — things such as rocking your feet, typing, even fidgeting — that helps increase metabolic rate and keeps us healthy....


SKU: K58302WW

With its compact design and adjustable tilt settings, the Space-Saving Foot Rest fits smaller workspaces without compromising on comfort. Select a 12- or 18-degree angle for improved ergonomic support at your desk. Easy-to-clean non-slip base and surface keep feet in...


SKU: K56155US

Pamper your tired feet. Footrest features stimulating surface Exercising motion invigorates ankles and legs and improves circulation Special heel stops keep your feet from slipping off 5 adjustable height settings and 30° tilt ensure maximum comfort Gray


SKU: K56152US

Adjustable footrest improves posture and comfort. Keep legs and feet elevated for less strain and fatigue Adjustable to also reduce pressure on lower back and alleviate discomfort while sitting Improve posture and circulation Large non-skid foot surface eliminates slips and...