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SKU: K50422WW

Smart fit System – Simplifies ideal ergonomic Height positioning scientifically proven research to support proper fit and individualized comfort. Height adjustable to allow users to lift the laptop as high as 180mm (7. 1in) for optimal eye alignment. Foldable Dual...


SKU: K52788WW

With over 20 years of ergonomics expertise, trust Kensington to maximize your desktop space with this professional laptop cooling stand. Our patented SmartFit™  System allows you to customize the height and angle of your laptop screen using the included hand...


SKU: K58300WW

With its adjustable height and built-in storage, the Organizing Monitor Stand raises your level of comfort and organization — right out of the box. Minimalist design helps improve posture and promote neck and eye comfort. Accommodates monitors up to 40...


SKU: K50825WW

Designed for Surface and developed in partnership with Microsoft, the SmartView® Organizing Laptop Riser is an all-in-one solution to manage your Surface desktop setup or any laptop up to 16". Features include five-level SmartFit® height adjustment, which takes the guesswork...


SKU: K53801WW

At home or in a traditional office, you want to be comfortable and productive. And many studies suggest that multiple monitors help increase productivity, including using your laptop as an additional screen. Easily raise or lower your laptop to an...


SKU: K55100WW

When used as directed, the UVStand™ Monitor Stand with UVC Sanitization Compartment safely, easily, and efficiently helps to sanitize keyboards, mice, trackballs, mobile phones, and other devices, while promoting healthy posture and optimal comfort. The spacious sanitization compartment accepts most...