Duo Gel Mouse Pad Wrist Rest - Black/Blue

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When you spend long hours in your home office navigating forms, creating engaging presentations, or managing complex spreadsheets, you need a workspace that goes beyond being merely functional. From the trusted industry leader with 20 years of ergonomic expertise, the Duo Gel Mouse Pad combines a rigid base for fast and accurate mouse movement with a wrist rest that conforms to the natural contours of your hand and wrist to minimize pressure. Since you shouldn’t have to sacrifice style for comfort, the duo-tone colors can complement your home office décor.

  • Gel pillow matches natural curve of wrist and hand for comfortable typing
  • Ventilation channel helps keep hands cool and dry
  • Duo-tone color combination
  • Soft finish that’s easy to wipe clean
  • TAA Compliant

Gel Pillow

The soft structure molds to the natural curvature of your wrist, providing support and comfort while you work for a better productivity experience.

Black and Blue Duo Gel Mouse Pad Wrist Rest

Ventilation Channel

Strategically designed to help keep your hands and wrists cooler and drier when scrolling and clicking for extended periods of time.

Duo gel wrist rest for keyboard

Duo-Tone Colors

Stylish accents to give your wrist rest a little extra personal flavor on the desktop.

Duo-tone colors black and blue

Soft Finish

Makes it easy to wipe clean when it inevitably gets dirty from long hours working at your computer.

Finger testing gel on wrist rest

Business Pricing
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Duo Gel Mouse Pad Wrist Rest - Black/Blue

Duo Gel Mouse Pad Wrist Rest - Black/Blue